Pasting data into excel row by row as opposed to same cell

Hi, brand new to StudioX and UiPath so apologies if this is something simple.

Basically, I am looking to build an automation in which there is an excel file full of email addresses, the bot needs to take the email address from cell A2, search for it in my company’s directory, and then paste the title of this employee in cell B2. And then repeat this process for each row.

I’m using the ‘Excel For Each Row’ activity and the bot is successfully going email address by email address, but the issue I’ve run into is that it pastes the result of each one in the same cell (B2) and overwrites itself over and over again as opposed to pasting the result to A2 in B2, A3 in B3, A4 in B4, and so forth.

How can I fix this?

Hello @andrew.badroos,

Can you share your flow (if possible) or at least a screenshot with your write logic?


Sure, hopefully this helps.