Merging several word documents into one word document

Hello I need some help with my automation! My automation goes like this:
I am trying to get data from an excel file and pasting it into several word documents. I am trying to merge all these newly created word document from my automation into one single word document but I can’t (as seen in the attached). I tried using for each row and append text but my automation doesn’t seem to work.

But sure what are you looping into. Can you provide us the Erie you are getting by having the approach shown in screenshot?

That can be done on multiple ways, keep all the word files are in the same folder, use a for each loop for Directory.getFiles(strFolderPath)

in the loop read the file content and then append it in a destination file, using Append Text, you may create a destination file before this for loop.

@balupad14 have built an amazing Marketplace Package that has an Merge Document Activity, that does this using only one activity. Do check it out…

Hope this helps!

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