How to use filtered excel for each row and replace the text into word file?

Hi, I am currently working on one of the automation process on replacing the text in word file by using excel’s data.

Below is my sample word file with information which I will need to replace it by using excel data.
And there is one field which I will need to insert “Today’s date” as well.

Below is the excel data that I have by following the column i will need to replace the information into one word file.

I will need to complete the work as below:
Replace each row information into each word file – save as new file by using “Company name” as file name. Hence at the end I will have 3 word files saved with information replaced.

Hope to get solution on how can I complete this work as I have try several way but it doesn’t works.
I have attached my sample files as reference as well.
Excel file testing.xlsx (10.3 KB)
Word file testing.docx (12.2 KB)


Jacelyn Lok

rename.workflow.xaml (14.4 KB)
this is working for me just one more replace as you want

Hi Veera,

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the late respond as I was away last week.
I have read through the flow that you posted and i saw there is only 1 process after read range as below.

I think there is some missing activity which I couldn’t see. And for the kill process do you mind to explain a little bit how it can run?



Install word activities

Word activity already installed earlier.

Do any other one can help on this? Can take the files that I uploaded to guide me how can I complete it?

Hi @JacelynLok08 ,

Could you Check the Workflow Below : (20.2 KB)

It requires you to install the UiPath.Word.Activities Package.

Let us know if it doesn’t work as expected.

Hi @supermanPunch

Thanks for the sending. But what I received in the zip file are as below. I can’t find any workflow which can be open in Uipath. Can you reupload again the workflow?



Jacelyn Lok

@JacelynLok08 ,

It seems Strange, What is the Version of UiPath you use ?

Could you Maybe Right Click on the Word_Replace_TextOpen WithUiPath

Hi @supermanPunch ,

Thanks and finally I can open the file now and can read your flow as well.

There is one condition I created in excel under column “To send or not to send”. Can we add filter the excel and only create the word file when the column information = Yes?

As currently the flow you shared with me is every line will be included.



Jacelyn Lok

@JacelynLok08 ,
You could use Filter Datatable Activity to keep only rows which has "Yes" in that Particular Column, then use the Result Datatable in For Each Row

Got it and it is working now. Thanks so much for the help ! I will mark above message as solution.


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