StudioX - convert csv files in folder to xlsx


Looking for way in StudioX to convert all csv files in a folder to xlsx. All csv’s are in the same format. Any suggestions

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Here you can download simple example how to do it: (60.7 KB)

Firstly you have to use activity ‘for each file in folder’ and filter only csv files:

Next you read every csv file to data table.

Last step is write data table into Excel:


I don’t have option for Write DataTable to Excel. Attached is as far as I can get. Any other options?


Did you try download my project ?
So, which options to choose do you have ?
Do you have something like ‘write range’ ?
Maybe you will update version of UiPath activities ? Which version of StudioX do you have ?

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I downgraded version of UiPath activities. Maybe it will be works:
NewBlankTask16 (2).zip (60.8 KB)



Now it processes and saves them down as xlsx, however, when I go to the folder and manually open the files it file format or extension is not valid.

Here is what it looks like in notepad…The first 2 rows have data, then a bunch of blank space…Then the comma separated columns come.

*data has been masked

if your csv files are separated by comma you can easy change it in the activity properties:
or you can share your csv file example with dummy data.


hi - here is what the data looks like in notepad and when I open it up with excel.