No easy solution for saving a CSV file as an XLSX?

Hi Team,

I need to save a CSV file as an xlsx file but when I use the rename file activity, my newly saved file wont open. What gives?

Please is there any easy solution? Keep in mind I am using StudioX, so the activities are different from Studio.


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Hi @jibroni,

If the file is not very large, you can read it and then print it again with the xlsx extension.


Hello @jibroni

You can refer to the below post. Also there are custom activities available to accomplish this.


Hope the following sample helps you.

image (49.6 KB)


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Have a view on this doc with a sample workflow

Hope this would help you resolve this issue

Cheers @jibroni

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Thanks everyone for the quick replies. I followed the tutorial shared by @Palaniyappan and here is what I set up and ran succesfully.

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