Convert Excel file (.xlsx) to (.csv)

Hi I’m new uipath user

i would like to ask for your help to convert .xlsx file into .csv .
is it possible ?

this file is in .xlsx format.

i want this file to convert .csv format and save into desktop folder i created.

hoping for you positive response




There are many ways to do it.

Use read range activity inside Excel application scope and will give output as datatable. And then use write CSV activity to write that datatable and specify the file path.

hi sir Iakshman,

can i ask sample .xaml project .

thanks for the quickly respond.


Please find the attached workflow.
Main.xaml (9.3 KB)

Note: Here, just change the file paths in it.


got it thankyou sir Iakshman.


Next time onwards, If you have doubts then create posts under RPA Dev rookies or RPA Advanced but not under User Voice.

Thanks for understanding.

copy sir Iakshman,

this my first time to create topic .

sorry and thanks.

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