Studio Vs Unattended Licence

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What is the difference between studio & unattended licences in term of technical point of view?
Because I can schedule my processes with the studio Licence, so i’m wondering is it exist any limitation on Studio licence or some aspect exist for Unattended licence.


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Kindly check the link, there you will find all the information

@fernando_zuluaga ty for your help, but i read this documentation and a lot of post on this forum before :cry:


If you are using Unattended BOT licence then BOT should login into locked system and will perform all actions. Once done it will logoff system. And also we need Orchestrator to trigger these type of BOTS and its manadatory.

Where as if you are using studio or Attended licences then your robot system will be unlocked before triggering BOT. We can trigger these type of BOTS from studio and UiRobot system also if you don’t have Orchestrator.

@lakshman Yes I know. So why i can trigger robot with STUDIO? Why i can also login into locked system and perform actions with STUDIO?Isn’t it a specificity of unattended?

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That’s the behaviour of those Robots. Based on your process you have to purchase required BOT license.

@lakshman Are you telling me that Studio and unattended licence are in a technical way the same?

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I am also trying to understand this concept. What’s the technical difference between production, nonproduction Vs. studio, unattended? I typically use same studio license.