Attended,Unattended and Non Production licence

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Apart from the price and the environment(front end back end office) difference, are there any features or functionality that will not included with UiPath according to the licence type? Are there any activities that wont be available on the licence its running on?



UiPath studio and its activities are same for all types of licenses. Based on the license type its functioning will change.

Can you please provide me those functional changes? ie: if I use an unattended licence for a robot, will it be able to successfully connected to Orchestrator? or connecting to the Orchestrator is only available on attended licence?

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May be this could help you with your query buddy

UiPath: Community, Enterprise & Installers

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The below link (an official UiPath guide) describes more specifically about all type of robot’s capabilities: Introduction

If you are interested to know in terms of licensing aspects, please refer the link: Service licensing