Is it to use different license in unattend robot and studio above on computer?

please,help me!!!:slight_smile:


Can you please elaborate

My client had procured Orchestrator license,contains 2 unattend robots,and procured Studio license,so the two license is different,now I want to install unattend robots and studio in the same computer? Is it OK?


Yes you can use different type of licence for both development and production run.


We can’t install both in same system. Use one licence for development and at the time of moving to production use different licence for unattended bot. In this system, we don’t need studio and just install robot only.

But if i have just few computer? so I want to use the same computer, install studio and install unattended robot,is noway? Thanks!


In that case, once development completed you can deregister that installed licence and provide unattended licence.

I got it,Thanks a million!

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