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Can someone please help me understanding the difference between a robot of type ‘NonProduction’ in the Orchestrator and type ‘Unattended’ in the Orchestrator?

  1. Can i run a NonProduction robot unattentively?
  2. Can i log-off my NonProduction robot and try to run a process in there from the orchestrator?

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Pratiksha S

Hi @Pratiksha,

Take a look


Hi @balupad14,

I want to know difference between Non-Production and Unattended robot type in orchestrator and not between attended and unattended robots. I know similarity between Non-Production and Unattended but what’s the difference?

As per the Introduction

NonProduction - retains all the features of the Unattended Robot, but it should be used only for development and testing purposes. (this is the only difference, so technically no difference but I guess there might be license cost difference)

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Hi @Pratiksha,

Yes @kuldip.gohil is right as per the documentation. and you can also see something about the license below


How can I get a NonProduction lesson, apply it for free or need to pay for it? Is a NonProduction lesson will expired after a few months?