Difference Between Attended vs Unattended Robot license


Can someone help me to give an Easy description of attended and unattended robot?

How and where to install those Attended/unattended robot license means by client OS or Server OS?


Hi @Latif,

Attended robot we can called front office robot, which might need the human interaction partially whereas unattended robot is the robot which does not need any of the human interaction or it is a back office robot.

and for the Licensing things Please refer this for more crystal clear clarification


Thanks Baisilgee

Can you explain, how to install both type of robot and do the activation?
Can I install both type of robot on Windows 10 OS or its a must to install unattended on windows Server OS?

Act I have only used Community and developer edition until know. Which I have installed on my normal computer means windows 10 OS system.

So can you explain more. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Latif,

you can install with community version in windows 10,It will work

Hello, In Attended bot situation Human Intervation is required. You can’t trigger the Attended bot from Orchestrator. As user Needs to click on Execute button to run Attended bot Whereas We can Map Attended bot with Orchestrator to store Assets of Application so Triggering of Attended is not possible from Orchestrator… In Unattanded bot We can schedule the Bot using Orchestrator also If Machine is locked then It will Unlock the system (because we have set the Bot system credentials in Orchestrator) It will run the process and It will lock the system after finishing the schedule.

How to Activate license for Attended & Unattended : - You just need to activate the license key which has been provided by uipath support Team. So From this we got to know about Attended & Unattended bot.