Studio vs Back Office Robot

I’m reading Orchestrator User Guide, and I found that I can register UiPath Stuio as a robot and run the workflow from orchestrator.

Would it be true that Studio has more capabilities on top of Back Office Robot?
Or, are the any functionalities that only Back Office Robot has??

(I’m wondering because Back Office Robot license should be more expensive than Studio, but it seems Stuio has more functionalities, for example, it enables us to design workflow while BOR doesn’t.)

I’m talking about following explanation, it’s on page 29 in “UiPath Orchestrator User Guide 2016.2”.

Note: If you register Studio as a Robot to Orchestrator, but do not provide the correct credentials in the Username and Password fields, you cannot run workflows.

main difference
FOR:Triggered by User on same user machine
BOR: Triggered,Manager,Controller and scheduled using Orchestrator (From anywhere at anytime even with system locked)
Both are developed on Studio only.

So now u know why BOR bit expensive than FOR.:wink:

Thank you for the quick response!
It’s really understandable for me who never tried BOR yet.

How about the difference between Studio and BOR?
Based on the explanation I quoted above, it seems Studio (or maybe BOR functionality which is enabled once Stuiod license is activated?) can be triggered by using Orchestrator, too.

If it can be managed, controlled and scheduled uisng Orchestrator, then I think Stuio should be expensive than BOR, but BOR is much expensive in the price list I got from UiPath JP.
I’m confusing if I should purchase BOR or Studio…

Both are designed on Studio it self.
Only thing separate them is how you run/designed your workflow using user assistance or unattended using orchestartor.
Orchestrator is mainly for BOR.
using FO in a standalone environment is a license terms violation. FO can be used and triggered only by an agent that shares the same desktop.

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hmm…I think in my case I shouldn’t use FOR as you mentioned, since I want to use UiPath in a standalone environment.

What if I use Studio (for development & running workflow) and Orchestrator only? (no FOR or BOR)
might be license terms violation?

I know Stuio is designed to develop worklflow and it might not be for production environment use, but it can be executed by using orchestrator so I thought I might not need BOR or FOR if I have Studio license…

I might have figured out, I guess stuio can be triggered as DevTest type robot?? :slight_smile:

Quoted from page 28 in “UiPath Orchestrator User Guide 2016.2”

The type of Robot. This can be only DevTest, BackOffice or FrontOffice. It is possible to filter the page according to the Robot type.

If you use only studio then you need to run and schedule by user.
You can use orchestrator for scheduling .
PS: Only learning purpose .
@badita might give you in brief about license terms. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot!!
My company FW prevent me to access the demo site. I’ll try once I get home!
Of course just for learning purpose :smiley:

That will be a license agreement breach. Studio is for development and you are allowed to run it as robot for testing/development purposes but not in production.

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Thank you for the clear explanation, we’ll purchase appropriate licenses!

(I just don’t let others know we can run Studio robot from orchestrator, then they don’t have choice except for BOR XD)

You can let :slight_smile: We can’t prevent this

Thanks, I might do later, maybe after others understand UiPath betters :grin:

Hi Badita,

As per the info in the post , posted by Andrei_Pop, will we not receive “Permission missing: Remote Execution” error in Orchestrator if we use FOR to run the task.

I think that applies to FOR license and not Studio.

I have a system with FOR in it and I want the FOR to run a workflow which was created in another system(The system with UiPath Studio), how to run that workflow using FOR.

deploy it via orchestrator and start it from tray.

Thanks :slight_smile:.