Should back office bot and studio be installed in the same server for developing and running the workflow or it can be in different servers

For developing we have studio installed in a different server now that we have got production license we need know whether we should have the back office bot and studio that we got to be installed in the same server or different server will be fine?


UiPath Studio comes directly with a BOR (when you buy a licence for UiPath Sudio you will have automatically a back office robot that you can connect to Orchestrator). If you want to create a process and schedule from Orchestrator to run on diffeterent BOR, then you will need to buy different licence. You can also use the developer BOR ( that one that comes with UiPath Studio) to run the workflow. And this is the proceduce… this is the reason for why the UiPath Studio comes with a robot licence active to allow the RPA Developer to create the workflow, to test it until to move to the production environment.