Run a back office and front office bot

I am looking forward to trying back office and front office bots and already have license for both.
Please suggest the process to run it and share the set-up/ extension to download back office and front office bots (if required).
Currently, I have UI Path developer studio installed on the machine but not orchestrator.

As a precursor, I browsed Intelligent Software Robots - Unattended and Attended Bot | UiPath and start trial link is redirecting to UiPath studio only.

Please search before posting.

Lots of material online for you to get started.

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Thanks for the suggestion @richarddenton. I have already taken advanced training and have researched well before posting.
Could you please direct me to the exact link in the material shared by you which provide details on how to set up front office license alongside developer license (if that is feasible)? Alternatively, confirmation regarding the feasibility to edit UI elements in front office bot would also work.

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I would like a more clear answer to this as well. I’ve watched a bazillion UIPath videos, but they are mostly about how to automate various tasks using UIPath Studio and how to use Orchestrator to trigger a “back office” robot.

I have yet to come across a video(s) that shows how to:

  1. Install a “Front Office” robot
  2. Put automation packages onto a “Front Office” robot
  3. Set up triggers for process on a “Front Office” robot

As of today, FOR and BOR robots function mostly the same. Major difference is you cannot start, stop or schedule a FOR from Orchestrator, it needs to be started from tray/shortcut / etc.
(deployment works the same, so you still can centrally control whats where).

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