Studio Unable To Open Connection Failed ClientCredntialsClientID Must Not Be Null

Resolution when it is not possible to connect to Uipath studio/Robot [2022.4.] with Orchestrator [2019.10] .

Issue Description:

When trying to connect the UiPath Studio/Robot [2022.4] to the machine key and using Orchestrator [2019.10], the following error appears in Studio / Assistant:

  • From Studio : Connection failed: ClientCredntialsClientID must not be null
  • From Assistant : The Orchestrator connection has become unresponsive.

Error Message:

submitHeartbeat: [Http Status 404] iPath.Service.UserHost

[Unknown Orchestrator Error Code]


HttpException: No HTTP resource matching the request URI '' was found.



  • According to the compatibility matrix, the current Studio / Robot [2022.4] version is incompatible with the Orchestrator 2019.10 version.
  • As a workaround Download a lower version of Studio / Robot that is compatible with Orchestrator [2019.10].