Cannot connect to community Orchestrator

I am trying to connect to for using Orchestrator. I am getting the an error. It says an error occurred while sending the request. Please help.

Hi @mohammedamaan,

Can you check whether the machine name is correct?
Refer this link for more info:

All these things are correct. It’s still not working.

Can you provide the steps you have followed?

Have you created the robot, Machine and environment in Orchestrator?

The robot credentials needs to be your machine credentials.

Yes. I did these steps and provided my machine credentials but still no luck.

May be the studio is not the latest version, what is the version of studio you are using?


As per this, updating the studio to latest version works

If you still have issue,

Check this solution provided by Team UiPath:

Still no luck.

Can you provide the steps you are following to create environment, robot machine and assigning robot and machine.

Here is the video to show you the step by step procedure:

@HareeshMR I have connected to Orchestrator earlier from my laptop and I know the steps. I am facing this issue when I am trying to connect to Orchestrator at client place.

Most probable cause of the issue is firewall. Please request the customer to white-list the URL, enable port 443 and check the group policies which can block sending/receiving data to/from Orchestrator.

The URL and ports are whitelisted. I am able to access the URL

Just delete the existing environment, robot , machine etc.,

try doing the entire process again

No luck. Is there any way I can check what is the error. Any log or anything?

no logs during the connection, What i’m guessing is, (still in the assumptions), your studio version and robot version are different. Can you check it?

Both are same.

@loginerror, Please have a look at this issue… I’m not sure why it is throwing the error…

@mohammedamaan, Are you trying to connect the studio and robot with another machines name i.e., two different machines?

No. Trying to connect the community version of Orchestrator which is