Can't connect to the Orchestrator 2019.4.5 by machine key

I need help. After updating UiPath Community 2022.4, I can’t connect to the Orchestrator 2019.4.5 by machine key. Before that everything worked, “clientcredentialsClient id must not be null” error


Hey @aleksand.belyakov

Kindly verify the compatibility matrix if your are with the right setup -


Plz check the orchestrator credential which you have provided.

Hi @aleksand.belyakov ,

Delete the machine you are referring in orchestrator and re create in orchestrator and use the new machine key to open the studio. please try and let us know. thanks.

I checked, studio version 2022.4.3 is not compatible with Orchestrator version 2019.4.5
Where do I download the old version of Studio 2021.10.x?

I did as you wrote, but it did not help me solve the problem.

Hey @aleksand.belyakov

You are using enterprise right ?


Yes i use enterprise

hi @aleksand.belyakov
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Just refer this