Robot Connection Fails Due To Compatibility Issues

Error fix for 'Connection failed' prompt received while attempting to connect my newly upgraded Robot?

There are situations where the error below occurs upon attempting to connect the Robot to the Orchestrator. It is possible that the Robot has been connecting flawlessly to Orchestrator so far, and this issue started to occur post a recent product upgrade:

Event viewer error: "Connection failed...No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI 'https://_____________/api/robotsservice/HeartbeatV2'..."

Root Cause: Some of the most common reasons for this issue are,

  • Incorrect connection values, for instance the machine key
  • User-specific or machine-specific issues such as a firewall, proxy etc.
  • Network issues.

If the above points have been ruled out, the most probable reason for this error has been seen to be Robot-Orchestrator version compatibility issues.

Resolution: Refer to the technical compatibility matrix and make sure that the version of the Robot being used is compatible with the Orchestrator version. See link here: UiPath Technical Compatibility Matrix

If required, upgrade/downgrade the Robot / Orchestrator accordingly to a compatible version.