Studio & Robot licensing in specific scenario

Can you please help me out??
If we buy a development license can the same studio license key be used by multiple computers of the same organisation? or will each computer need a separate studio license?

Different if you are using Uipath Studio Version 2016.2.* and before that :slight_smile:

but with latest versions you just can do development on Community edition as well but if you want more security and stability features then you can go with enterprise license.

More clear and specific information with official changes and updates @ovi can tell more.


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One more question, can we run studio through a virtual machine?

Yes, it’s common to develop on VMs, as that makes it easier to have as close to target system for development as possible (in most cases at least).

Technically you can do development with CE, but from licensing perspective you can use CE only if you qualify for it (according to definitions in the license).

Yeah Agree that is for enterprise licenses but that statement was not for production environment. if you are going for production then you have to use the enterprise edition and orchestrator you can use both kinnd of robots from orhcestrator license key upload.
and we are paying for attended and unattended bots using orchestra-tor right? ot it is different now? @badita @ovi

(Based on my conversation with one of the guy :slight_smile: from their side :slight_smile: in the past:slight_smile: )
Don’t know it got updated with 2018.1 or not.

All Licencing stuff belong to Uipath so we have to and should follow the terms to use Uipath Product :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your help!

Sorry to bother you again but can you please tell me something more about the enterprise edition?

Hey @Shatakshi_Mishra

A nice Wiki i can say by @ovi
check it out. an official person from Uipath :slight_smile:

UiPath: Community vs Enterprise

CE is a fully functional edition of UiPath Platform. Because it’s free, there is no support for CE except for this Forum and it cannot be activated offline. Since there is no server integration, CE Robots can only be connected to Orchestrator CE2 - for evaluation and training purposes.


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Studio is licensed only under per-user model.

Without Orchestrator one user can access Studio from one machine only.
With Orchestrator licensing same user can access Studio from multiple machines.

This means that no matter on how many machines you have Studio installed, as long as you use the same user it will count as 1 license.

For example, let’s say you connect 3 Robots from 3 Studio machines to Orchestrator. In Orchestrator you provision 3 Robots with different machine names and define the same user. In Orchestrator - Settings - License tab only 1 Development Robot license will be consumed. And Studio will be able to retrieve the license from Orchestrator, you won’t have to activate it locally anymore. If you define different users, the licenses consumed will be the number of users you have defined.


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hey! need a little help
In a production environment is it necessary to have orchestrator, SQL server and indexer, for orchestrator v2018, on different servers or some of the components can be clubbed together, like orchestrator and SQL server, on one server and indexer on a different one etc?
Also, is it necessary to have a separate indexer, like elasticsearch, or can just database logging suffice?

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just a quick question. can I purchase only for robot & Orchestrator but keep developing on my CE studio?