Development, Bring your own license?

Hello, i have a suggestion, that I as a developer could have my own Studio License to use when developing for multiple clients? Like a node locked, but with my work email instead of domain account?

The Enterprise trial license works (kind of) but its a hassle to keep renewing every 60 days, and to update the licenses on the clients development machines.
And as I most often can not use community edition (the clients has existing robots and i need to develop using a Studio of the same version), the activations of the Trial exceeds.

So, like a professional Studio License, valid at least 1 year, tied to my work email that i can use in a unlimited (or a great number) of client development environments and on different versions (like 19.4 and newer) would be fantastic.
And it would make us seem more professional that we have the licenses in order and not have to start every project setting this up and counting days and clients :slight_smile:

Take care!


Hi welcome to the community!
I think you are missing an important point here regarding terms of use, you cannot use trial license to develop for your customers, you should have your own enterprise license OR use your customer’s license…

Hello bcorrea! Its my understanding that a enterprise Studio license can only be activated on a single machine. That would be fine if I could use my computer to do the development, but in the majority of cases, the customers supply a VM with the target applications installed. So we are kind of forced to develop in their environment, and they do not want to buy another license for the development, other than the robot license they have on their production computer.

And its not really an option for us either to buy a new enterprise studio license for every case where the development takes place at the customers environment, that would be a lot of licenses :wink:

So that’s why I’m asking for an enterprise Studio license that I can move around, and have activated at a couple of customers in parallel.

But if I’m missing anything, and can solve this with an existing license model then im all ears ;).

Thank you!

Hi @JohanHellqvist
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The enterprise trial is not for the long term testing
If you going forward you have to stay under term of use as @bcorrea’s link

If the client cannot buy or your machines not allowed to their network so then you can install community edition with the same version of enterprise that they purchased

Then you will have a ability to keep it long terms, and show your clients the advantage of having at least one developer license :wink:

Actually if have one, so you can install it to all robot for troubleshooting and debug purposes I hope its really important

Hello @Maneesha_de_silva !

I really like the idea to use community edition at the same version as the customers enterprise robots, but how do i stop community edition from autoupdating to the latest version?
I have actually tried this a couple of months ago with a customer who has an 19.4.4 robot in production, but at my next start of Studio, it had auto updated to the latest version, and then the project was not compatible with the robot anymore.

So if there is some way to keep Studio at a fixed version, even when using community, that would be a solution that works for me.

Thank you!

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Hi @JohanHellqvist
If your vms that install , dont have internet connections
It won’t auto update :grinning:

And if you use stable version, it will not reasonly update

It is beyond my comprehension that you come in an official product forum and ask people how to break the rules of the company licensing, please dont do this… read the licensing terms of use and if you decide to not obey, just keep it to yourself…

Hello @bcorrea I want to do it the right way, and i am asking for the best way to solve this issue with developing on customers environment, and keeping the licensing administration to a minimum. Thats why my first post was a suggestion of a licensing model that would make things easier for consultants like me.

I did not know before your first reply yesterday that you could not use a trial license to develop for the customers. As we stand today, i did not see any other way how to do it sometimes, when the customer expects the developers to take care of the development tools and licensing, like in other software development.

And i know im not the only one thinking about this, because it feels like the UiPath licensing is focused on large companies with their own team of developers where the Studio licenses can be kept in house.

And for us consultants who has a lot of smaller customers, the answer is most often “Use community edition”, but in the real world, that is not always possible due to its auto update feature.

So when people mention that Community edition can be used at a fixed version, of course i get interested, thinking that i’ve missed some feature that would make all this go away, and that UiPath has thought about us consultants, and made a way to make our work easier, but it turned out to be a hack, not applicable as we need internet access :slight_smile:

So i would gladly pay for a license that is reusable across customers, and do the right thing, or find out some other accepted way to solve this, that i have not thought about.

Thank you again for your replies, i just want to figure this out, how to develop and get the best possible value to our customers and ourself, and still be license compliant.



cool :slight_smile: you have selected UIPATH means that you are trust uipath
keep in touch same

there might be some difficulty , as a developer / solution provider you as well as we always try to provide our best to customer or the organization
so that we always find a ways to full fill the need. so this is same

you can always find a new path , i hope you can
and without harm ToU you can use and full fill your requirement

so basically as you mention you are using VMs\ , if there are on premises servers the company admins will not allow internet connection to the servers untill for some special need
so that can be a opportunity to you
and also as i previous mention use stable version that will prevent resent updates and update via only major changes

meanwhile you can contact UIPATH SUPPORT and mention your issue and they might be give you a better solution as well as your idea might be good suggestion to their future development :slight_smile:
happy automation :innocent: :cowboy_hat_face:

@JohanHellqvist I would tend to agree with @bcorrea here. I would not come into an open forum speaking about how you’ve broken TOS. If you’re going to do it (you shouldn’t), don’t bring the issue to the official forums, at least not in the manner in which you’ve done.

As for the idea you’re pitching (an Enterprise Studio License that can authenticate to multiple Orchestrators/Environments), I think that’s a great idea. You should go over to the User Voice forums and create a post about it. In my experience, UiPath Devs/Team Members actually regularly browse and respond there. So if you want to push for this functionality, that is the place to do it.