Stuck in Calculate Client Security Hash - Upload Assignment

Hello guys,

I am facing some trouble with the submission of my project in the exercise “Calculate Client Security Hash - Upload Assignment” from “Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive” course.

Yesterday (October 5th) I uploaded my project, but I I haven’t had my grade since.

It has been a while since I uploaded the project (about 24 hours).

I am sure that both my ACME’s email and UiPath Academy’s email are the same.

It is not possible to resubmit the project, because this UI is not visible.

NOTE: On July 23rd I made a first attempt, but I got grade 0. Because my Academy’s email was different from ACME`s email. There is something wrong with the date too, because it was supposed to show October 5th (second attempt upload) instead of July 23rd (first attempt upload).

Can somebody help me?


@loginerror, could you help me?

Hi @gustavo.cervelin

Please go over these topics here:

Each contains a post that is marked as a solution to the 0/100 result score.


First of all run your complete assignment on or PC/laptop when it successfully complete the transaction or when the execution complete successfully then upload the assignment.

Hope it will work.

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I´m facing the same problem but with the second exercise (Generate Yearly Report).

I uploaded my project this monday (October 5th too) and I haven’t had my grade yet…

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Hi @ghazanfar,

Thanks for answering!

That was exactly what I did…

I run the automation. All Work Items type 5 were completed and properly commented with the security hash.

I uploaded the solution only after the automation had completed all Work Items type 5 successfully.

But I didn’t get the grade :frowning:

After two days from the upload… I am still stuck. Because the grade does not come out and it is not possible to resubmit the project.


Hi @Aline_Teichmann,

Have you had your grade?

Perhaps it is some general problem on the UiPath side.

I think our best option at the moment is to open a ticket here: Contact UiPath Learning

I opened on Monday, but I haven’t had an answer yet.

Thank you

Hi @loginerror,

Thanks for sharing those topics.

I went over them, but I am facing a different problem here.

Their situation: They have the grade, but the result is 0/100. Then, they are trying to understand why they got 0.

My situation: I have no grade. It is as if it is still being computed, and it has been two days since the upload.

Then, I have no action to take. Because while I am “waiting” my grade, it is not possible to resubmit the project.

Could you help me?


I see! In this case, contacting Academy Support seems to be the best choice here, see this form:

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Support has reset the assessment attempt. Then, I was able to retry and I got the grade 100/100.


Now it takes little time to show assignments results/grading because they have automated and sync the processes. Best way is to create ticket on uipath contact us page they will fix the issue

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