Calculate Client Security Hash assignment submission works, but not passing


My code works on my computer, and yet, the Calculate Client Security Hash assignment is evaluating my results as [0/100]

When it comes to the directions:

  • I haven’t reset my test results in the ACME website after running my solution;
  • My code is using exactly the ID-Client-Country from the example, and the code is changing the statuses to Completed;
  • I’m using the same email in the Acme and in the Academy Website;
  • There are no errors or warnings.

How can I overcome this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Currently(because of new user), I cannot upload a file, but I can share it with you on other ways, if you want.
Thank you,

This Could be a small error so please check your assignments again. Possibilities include but are not limited to are :

  1. Check ACME Page to see if WI5 Work Items are changed to complete. If not, you will have to run it again.
  2. Check if your name delegations are accurate with no spacing, ([ClientID]-[ClientName]-[ClientCountry] - Example: AD38755-Austin Villacorta-Italy)
  3. Check if your security hash is correct. for this you can cross reference by manually feeding the details and validating the security hash you got through running the work flow.

Hi all,

I have tested my code locally as well as running it through Orchestrator and everything works as it should. I double checked the security hashes for each transaction and they are correct and set to “Completed” as per requirements. Therefore I zipped the entire project and tried to upload it, but just after few seconds I received a re-upload request. Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong?

Many thanks

Hi all,

I found what the issue was for my case. I needed to install UiPath Community edition on my laptop instead of a VDI, reset the data in ACME System one, re-run the automation on my laptop and re-upload the archived as ZIP project folder. After few minutes the chapter in this course was graded for me.

Hope this will help someone else who likes to use virtual machines like myself :slight_smile: