Struggle to create new variables properly

Hello. I’m not a native English speaker so I’m sorry for my English.

This is the problem I experience using both the Community Edition and the Trial version.

When I attempt to create a new variable using the variables panel at the bottom the program begins to lag, freeze and I end up closing the app with the task manager. It happens everytime I do it via the variables panel.

If I use an object and try to create a variable in the properties of the object the result is the same. It simply freezes and I can’t keep using it.

If I press Ctrl + K to create a new variable then nothing happens, meaning I have no any reaction as if I pressed nothing.

The only working way is to press the “Create Variable” button at the top menu. But here’s also a trouble. If I create an integer value or an array data then in the variables panel it shows that I created a variable of “Generic Value”. This is strange. I can only create a string or a boolean variable properly. I can’t change the variable type as once I click anything in the variables panel I get lags and freezes.

My system is Windows 8.1.

Is it possible to fix it except for reinstalling the whole system?

do you have any language pack set as default and display language and recently updated the dotnetframework installed?

Excuse me, but I don’t get your idea. Could you please explain it in details and tell me how to check what you mentioned?
I installed the program without any additional options so the basic language was English and so is it now.

if its English then its fine, you have another issue it seems.
what Studio version are you using?

It was “Studio 2018.1.1” when I downloaded the community edition and “Studio 2018.1.2” when it was the trial one

Unbelievable but the problem has been solved by updating the .net framework language packs. Once I’ve done that the problem has been gone. I also had a problem with the arrows. I didn’t see the lines, it only displayed the ends of the arrow lines. This issue has been fixed as well.


I have the same problem that you had at first, but…

I have already installed UiPath Studio and UiPath Robot, but when I try to create a new variable to an activity with the variables Panel, the application (UiPath Studio, I mean), lags and freezes, without leting me changing the attributes. If I click on the activity, after a few seconds UiPath Studio “comes back” and I can see that a new variable has been created called “variable1”, type “GenericValue”, and I can’t modify it for the same reason.

I have search the Internet and I think that I have done all the steps properly and I have already installed everything (.NET versión and Windows updates).

Can you help me, please?

I would suggest you to open cmd as an admin and run “sfc/scannow”. It will scan your system and return the log file where you can find what system files are corrupted. In my case it showed an error with a code referring to the .Net problem. So I checked the important updates and it suggested me to update the framework. I don’t know what is going to happen in your case but that’s what I would start from.

I have tried it, but it says that everything was OK…

Well I hope the support team will help to find out what’s the problem. I would like to know it too as yes in my case it was .Net but I feel like it can be something else.