Variable panel not respond creating a new variable ¿What has made uipath to solve it?

Hi, recently installed in my PC some windows patch:

But this made problems in Uipath Studio, as variable panel blocked and i can’t create or modify any variable. ¿How suggest to solve it?
For terms of my organization i can’t unistall this windows patch.

Hi Daniel,

What Studio version do you have?

Even if you restart Studio the variable panel remains blocked? Does this happen with a specific workflow or in any workflows?

This happen with any workflows, restart the studio not solve the trouble.

Could you please specify the Studio version?

What Windows OS do you have?

Studio: UiPath v2017.1.6522
SO: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits

Not sure if this works for you, Can you please try Setup → Reset Settings and restart studio.

Not works.

Daniel, I did some research regarding this matter and this is a known issue that was fixed in the 2018.1.3 version. It happens because a different(than English) language pack is selected as default in Windows.

Is there any chance you could upgrade?

Thanks, i upgraded to latest versión (v 2018.1.4) and the problem has been solved!