Create Variable


Im using UiPath community edition, but I have a problem, when creating variables the program freezes and I cannot change the variable name or anything having to do with the variable.

I read something about that in the forum relating that issue with .NET Framework 4.7 and that the solution given is to downgrade the .NET Framework.

Thing is here that I’m using my work computer and cannot do such thing since admin permissions needed,

I’d be very thankful if you could help me with this issue.

Has someone else have this same problem?

Me and my friend we have the same problem here, when we click over the variable empty line to create the variable the program freezes and when you click outside the program create a “variable 1” without value and we cannot write a default value there, sounds easy to resolve if you use the “create variable” button over the tools panel, but if you need to create arguments the sofware has the same mistake and then you dont have any alternative option to create this kind of variables, there is not “create arguments” button.

So I don’t know what to do