Strange behavior in Output Window or Log

Does anyone notice this before.
The strange arrangement of print log in output window.

Sample on the attached.
The Flow Counter must be printed right after the Processing Account number.
But in strange behavior it goes in weird placement. Which is on the next is in the middle side.

on the workflow the log message will be right after the processing log message

Please kindly click the 1st photo to see the whole screenshot. Thanks in advance.

Hi @jayson.actimai

Hmmm… that’s strange… haven’t noticed this scenario… have you checked from where those repeating number is printed? Looks like that is coming from a loop or something… just trying to figure out some things…

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We see this fairly often. Logs are stored with millisecond accuracy so every log has 0.001 second precision. Computers are much faster than that, though. If the robot is not doing anything complex than multiple logs can come in at the same time. If you log 5 items at:

Then UiPath stores the timestamp for all of these at 0.000. When this happens the logs can appear in a different order than we might expect.


@DanielMitchell. Thanks for your answer. This one enlighten me.


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