Logs not occuring in correct order

Scenario: I have noticed that logs do not always appear in the output panel in the same order as they are in a sequence.

Steps to reproduce: Run attached xaml multiple times. Notice that the logs does not always sort the same way in UIpath studio Output panel.

Current Behavior: Order of output panel logs changes from run to run

Expected Behavior: Always same order as sequence

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: 2017.1.6522

Last stable behavior: not known
Last stable version:not known
OS Version: Windows 10 Build 16299.64
Others if Relevant: Attached example log LogErrorDemo.xaml (6.4 KB)


Hi @tsl,

I couldn’t reproduce the issue using the workflow you have shared.
I tried to run it 5-6 times. Logs were in order.


Hi Rahamat

Thanks for looking at my issue. I attached a gif showing how i do it, and how it fails. Notice the log in the output panel. I have checked my log file for the corresponding session, and in the file they show in the correct order. So to clarify: the issue is only in the output panel

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I have checked output panel. Messages were in order.

I am using Version 2016.2.6274.


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Similar issue was happening with older versions (~ early 2016.1 IIRC), which as far as I know was fixed.
This could be a regression, or an edge case that was not covered.

@ovi ?

Same studio version (2017.1.6522), and same issue in my environment.
It’s also disordered in Orchestrator.



I have the same problem …here an example … by the way how I could copy and paste this information? before I can copy the output but now I can’t just line by line I can’t select all.


Output to a file

could you tell me how? I have severals workflows and a lot of writeline that I put on the way when I was developing …so now my project grow more than I expected …I know that in replace of every writeline I could to write a file but I don’t wanna change everything in this point …so …is not allowed to copy all the output panel now? or there are another way to do this?

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Logging with Write Line or Log message is not recomended for big chunks of data strings, there is a limit on what Studio’s Output can handle. So, logging to a file, text, csv, xlsx etc is the way to go, even for debbuging purpouses.

I see …thank you

I face the same issue. When using ‘Debug File’ it is in order, however, when ‘Run file’ is used, it is not. Is there any update on the matter? Using Studio Pro 2020.4.1.

I have the same situation. Anyone know what is the limit size to use the write line or log message? Thanks.

I have the same situation. Anyone know what is the limit size to use the write line or log message? Is it possible to adjust them? Thanks.

Me too - seeing the logs are out of order - I’m using UiPath version 20.4.1, is there a way for UiPath to maybe include the Milliseconds in the output (configurable) so that way we definitely know - or maybe this would fix the issue when writing to the output window?

Totally agree with you, it would be a great to see the Milliseconds in the output and export it to csv file or any format. In my case, I had to log it to file text and I have reduced them.

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Yes… I am also facing the same issue. Logs are not in proper order. i use the same version 2020.4.1

Hey all this might be an answer to the out of sequence log issue, I don’t have access so can’t try yet : . Orchestrator logs - precision in timestamps causes wrong order of log lines


I was noticing same. It occurred to me that the UiPath logging subsystem might be running in a separate thread and due to the I/O bound nature of logging might be falling behind the main thread of the automation, or at least not synchronous with it. I placed a one-second delay at a point just before the observed out-of-order logging and noticed that the order was then correct. I’m not certain how often in the automation this will have to be done but it seems that just doing it at the beginning of a sequence where the behavior is observed may correct the issue. They delay costs little and does seem to correct the problem.