Logs not occuring in correct order

Scenario: I have noticed that logs do not always appear in the output panel in the same order as they are in a sequence.

Steps to reproduce: Run attached xaml multiple times. Notice that the logs does not always sort the same way in UIpath studio Output panel.

Current Behavior: Order of output panel logs changes from run to run

Expected Behavior: Always same order as sequence

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: 2017.1.6522

Last stable behavior: not known
Last stable version:not known
OS Version: Windows 10 Build 16299.64
Others if Relevant: Attached example log LogErrorDemo.xaml (6.4 KB)

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Hi @tsl,

I couldn’t reproduce the issue using the workflow you have shared.
I tried to run it 5-6 times. Logs were in order.


Hi Rahamat

Thanks for looking at my issue. I attached a gif showing how i do it, and how it fails. Notice the log in the output panel. I have checked my log file for the corresponding session, and in the file they show in the correct order. So to clarify: the issue is only in the output panel

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I have checked output panel. Messages were in order.

I am using Version 2016.2.6274.


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Similar issue was happening with older versions (~ early 2016.1 IIRC), which as far as I know was fixed.
This could be a regression, or an edge case that was not covered.

@ovi ?

Same studio version (2017.1.6522), and same issue in my environment.
It’s also disordered in Orchestrator.



I have the same problem …here an example … by the way how I could copy and paste this information? before I can copy the output but now I can’t just line by line I can’t select all.


Output to a file

could you tell me how? I have severals workflows and a lot of writeline that I put on the way when I was developing …so now my project grow more than I expected …I know that in replace of every writeline I could to write a file but I don’t wanna change everything in this point …so …is not allowed to copy all the output panel now? or there are another way to do this?

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Logging with Write Line or Log message is not recomended for big chunks of data strings, there is a limit on what Studio’s Output can handle. So, logging to a file, text, csv, xlsx etc is the way to go, even for debbuging purpouses.

I see …thank you