Statement condition destination in REFramework

I’m using REFramework.
On the init statement I want to add new condition for end process.
Here is the current:

I want to say somehow SystemError isNot Nothing OR Bool(I have one Boolean value)
Then to go End Process.
My idea is that sometimes my bool would be true, so if I don’t have any system errors, but my Bool is true, he will need to go in End Process.

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If you want we can include that condition
In the second transition
Like this
Not SystemError is nothing OR bool_variable = True

Were you facing any issue in using that condition
Cheers @Veselin_Ganchev



Try with this,

SystemError IsNot Nothing OR yourBoolVariable


Yes… From GetTransaction state, you can add a condition that you want.

Hi, I was not sure for the syntax.
Thank you.

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