How to add a condition to Reframework transitions

I am facing the following scenario:

I am using the Reframework of version 2019.10.1 for one process, the whole process is working fine and I have not had any major problem. While doing tests with more elements in the queue I have noticed that the application where I run the process after the third transaction conflicts and blocks the entire ERP, in such a case that all the remaining transactions are shown with system exception errors.

I would like to add to the Reframework a condition that if the TransactionNumber Mod 2 = 0 the Reframework Terminate the process and return to the Init to continue with the next two transactions. Does anyone have any suggestions or help in this scenario?

At the end of the Process state in the workflow, set a variable Restart to if TransactionNumber Mod 2 = 0 using the If activity. You will need to create another transistion in addition to the three from the Process state where the process goes to Init if this variable Restart = True.

Lastly, end the Init state by setting Restart to False. This will prevent your process from infinitely looping.

Hi @Anthony_Humphries thanks for the respond.
I performed the following:

  1. After the process I added a condition with the MOD 2:

Also I added a new Transition:

And Added the change of the value of the variable on the Init

The only changed I performed is to add a condition on the Success transition

With these changes is now working fine.

Regards and thanks for the advice

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