Go to "End Process" State REFramework

I am new to REFramework and I am working on my Initialization State, I want to put a validation where if it is True the bot should not follow the usual process and go directly to the “End Process” State. I know it may sound simple but I have no knowledge of how I can do this.

Hi @JavXult

Just put a validation in Get Transaction State along with Shouldstop condition so bot will stop and go to End process state. If you don’t want the bot to go to GetTransactionState then just throw exception in Init State if the condition is true so bot will go to exception in catch block and ends the process.


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If you want to move directly from init state to end state then there is a transition for SYSTEM EXCEPTION between init and end states
There you can set a condition and make the process move to end state if the condition is true

Again if you want to move the process from get transaction data state to end state there is a transition for NO DATA with which we can attain the same

Have a view on this image for those transition I mentioned

Cheers @JavXult

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Thank you!

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