General variables in REFramework handling not working properly (Need Support)

I’m building a bot where If a system error occurred during the run, If not handled properly on the New retry it will go to another different scenario.

In order to prevent this i opted to use a Global Boolean Variable where i set it to true before the necessary step and pass it as Input/Output argument in Process.xaml and then to False if its success or business exception.

However when i run into this problem and system error happens and moves to The Init stage The global variable is not updated ( set back to false) by the REFramework.

Can someone help me with this?

@Ayasoliman Where are you Setting this ?

Inside process.xaml with a simple assign, and then i pass it to set transaction status as Input/output argument as well.
and assign it to false at the two branches success and business, if its system error i need it to stay true.

the global variable is in the General business scope of the REFramework, i initialize it at the process , could that be the problem? should i set it to false at init stage in the variables panel?

@Ayasoliman Are you using a Message Box to Check if the Boolean value gets updated in the Init Stage ? When System Exception occurs the value should be True right in init? What does it output?

yes i debugged and the Flag returns False when it enters Init stage after system error happens in process

@Ayasoliman Can you use a Message Box right after Set Transaction Status Workflow to Check the Boolean variable’s value ?

For this thread, the issue here was that UiPath does not update the output arguments in case of system exception occurs (i should have picked up on that)
so the only solution i had was to track the Exception Source and see if it contains any of the sequence names inside it at Init stage
and if its true i set the flag then.

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