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Hi can you plz tell me, with the first stateflow there are two stateflow are connected 1. End of the process 2. GetTransaction Data

If you see we have given the condition with the End of the process is SystemError IsNotNothing . I am assuming If Init Stateworkflow give the True (No error) so the given condition converts into False and the flow project going into the GetTransactionData stateflow Right. If it gave False (Error in the Init statemachine diag) then it convert into True and then the project going into the EndOfProcess Right. Right me If I am wrong.
So what is the second condition checking If condition gave us the result for True/False value. 2nd condition means SystemError Is Nothing so that means again it’s checking for the result???

Even we gave the condition in the Init in Try field image
In the Catch Field is image
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Initially we are assuming SystemError is Nothing i.e. No error and we are reading config file and proceeding further. If any error occurs then it will go to catch block and here we are assigning Exception to SystemError variable. Then it will go to End Of Process State.

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Hi @balkishan

Again to add few more points :slight_smile:
Since I have seen many posts from you on REFramework i assume you know the stuff that generally happen in these states. So the main workflow generally look for processing errors. If any error occur it goes to end process without continuing. That’s what these flows do. So in any case, anything fails within init state, it does not continue to get transaction data state. If the init state completes successfully then error returns nothing. Then the condition here fulfills and it continues to get transaction data. Same happens in the processing state as well.

Hope it’s clear :slight_smile:


Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando and @lakshman understood bro

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Hi Buddy @balkishan
Fine this is how it works buddy
Usually in Init Application all the applications were opened and made set to start with to get the data in the next state Get Transaction Data state and at that stage the systemerror variable is set as nothing, that is the systemerror variable has no value at all and as the name implies as systemerror (system - has - error) and we are mentioning in the try block as nothing, that means SystemError is nothing (system- has - no - error), and this system error is nothing but the error due to our machine
Fine if any exception occurs in Try block it will go to the catch block where we are mentioning like SystemError is Exception
So which means when it goes to Transition either it must go to Get TransactionDate or End process based on the condition in the Transition that we have set and it is set as
if system error is nothing (as per in Try block) it will go to Get Transaction Data or if the systemerror is with exception value it will go to End Process state buddy

Thats all buddy @balkishan
Simple isn’t it
Cheers @balkishan

But if any exception occurs i

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