Starting directory

Hi, I created a project using only relative paths. When I run it from orchestrator, it does not work, 'cause the starting directory is not the same as the UiPath Studio. Is there a way to setup the starting directory from orchestrator settings? Thanks in advance for your response.


Environment.currentdirectory will give the directory details…if you are using that some where


I don’t need this, 'cause I’m sure the starting directory is wrong. I need something to set the starting directory when the job starts. The best thing should be a setting in the trigger, but also an activity or something to change the current directory folder could be fine.
Is there something like that?


May I know what do you mean by starting directory?

can you show the error or something…if you give relative path then no problem should be there unless you are referring to something which you did not include in package or it is outside the package

Please share more details



The following expression will change current directory to “c:\temp”. (Please use Assign activity)

 System.Environment.CurrentDirectory = "c:\temp"


The starting directory is the directory from where the project runs. Anyway, I solved the problem, thanks. The issue was related to the empty folders in the project, that are not published and cause hard headackes when making troubleshooting.

Thanks a lot.

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