Local Robot is not working

I make one project in Uipath Studio Community and in this i used Get environment variable in this i take “CurrentDirectory” To Get Current Path of the project ---------> It is working Fine in uipath studio

But when i publish project And Start UI Robot Service and run It gives error--------->It not Take current Directory


I think you don’t need to explicitly know current path of project. Instead of using full path like:


you can use:


Project directory is default path.

you mean to say your trying to run the deployed packaged from UiRobot try icon?
What’s the error message?

You need to pass absolute path something like this.

If your validating current path then it mayn’t match with studio project path as current directory for the UiRobot is

so @ovi is it something suppose to happen ?
Because providing fullpath may not be solution when you deploy bot on different machine,so recommended solution would be use environment variable parameter.
Looks like we’re having some conflict here.
Didn’t test from Orchestaror yet ,you may try and validate it :slight_smile: .