Question about Environment.CurrentDirectory

Hi UiPath,

Will the Environment.CurrentDirectory still worked when I run it on orchestrator?

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@Alvin_Apostol3 yes, it will work. The current directory represents project folder. Hence, bot will access the project folder

HI @ushu

Yes it will work. In the Orchestrator the Current Directory is

C:\Users\Domain Name.nuget\packages\Process Name\1.0.8\lib\net45

1.08 → Package

Both the expression will get the current project folder




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Hi @Gokul001 ,

Can you please elaborate?

I’m sorry I’m not yet well familiar with orchestrator.


Hi @ushu,

Thanks for the reply.

Can you please elaborate?

I’m new in running the robot in orchestrator.


HI @Alvin_Apostol3

Is nothing but getting project location.

Have look on the document



There are two ways to get the folder path of the current directory

One is with a expression like

Environment.CurrentDirectory which will give us the folder path of the current project folder

Which can be used in your process workflow if you want to access any file within the project folder then this folderpath value will help you

And there is a easy way to do this with a help of activity from UiPath

For a perfect example on this

Cheers @Alvin_Apostol3

@Alvin_Apostol3 Once you publish the code to Orchestrator, the code will be converting to Nuget Package and then published to Orchestrator

Please go through below link for more details

Also, current directory means the folder path (created UiPath Project folder) in which the current file or sub folder resides. So,even you publish the code to orchestrator with environment.current directory expression it will always look into the created UiPath Project folder