Started getting this error. though the bots were running good :Open Browser: Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension

MY bot was running well when run through Studio or by orchestrator. Even after migration, it started to pick up,
But suddenly started getting this error.: Open Browser: Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension.
Even tried to uninstall chrome extension and then re-installed and activated.

UIpath Studio- 2022.7.0, community edition.

Hi @goel.saloni can you check, if there is multiple profiles are created in your chrom browser?

Hey Tapan, I have checked what you are saying, Only 1 chrome tab opens up when I start my process. Or Do you mean something else by “multiple profiles”? Pls elaborate

I mean do you have logged in multiple users in your browser? if yes then go to setting and set only one user to default that you are using.

OK got it now. I have only one user, same user is logged in chrome browser as well as UIpath studio

UiPath.Core.BrowserOperationException: Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension. —> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040234 at UiPath.UiBrowserClass.Open(String bstrURL, String bstrCmdLineArgs, UiBrowserFlags flag)
at UiPath.Core.Browser.Open(String url, CommMethod startBrowserMechanism, Boolean privateSession, Boolean headlessSession, Boolean defaultSession, String cmdLineArgs)
— End of inner exception stack trace —
at UiPath.Core.Activities.ScopeActivity.EndExecute(NativeActivityContext context, IAsyncResult result)
at UiPath.Core.Activities.ObsoleteAsyncNativeActivity.BookmarkResumptionCallback(NativeActivityContext context, Bookmark bookmark, Object value)
at System.Activities.Runtime.BookmarkCallbackWrapper.Invoke(NativeActivityContext context, Bookmark bookmark, Object value)
at System.Activities.Runtime.BookmarkWorkItem.Execute(ActivityExecutor executor, BookmarkManager bookmarkManager)

I tried updating my UIpath studio again, and got this:
UiPath update failed.
The update for version 22.10.0-beta.10400 failed.

Please collect the logs using the UiPath Diagnostics tool, selecting the Update Service besides all other logs and contact your system Administrator.

Updated my studio, to 2022.10.3, and converted legacy project to windows. This has solved the Browser issue in small code. SO closing this topic.

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