Start web-based job on Remote Desktop Connection

Hi, I’m currently working on a use case where I need to run my workflow virtually, currently I’m using Remote Desktop Connection for this, and I already have a workflow that’s fully functional.

This certain workflow is web-based, and on a high level, it starts and finishes off with:

  1. Opening chrome, going to a site.
  2. Signing in to that specific site.
  3. Doing a bunch of click activities.
  4. Signing out.

So my problem here is that I need to start the job and make the RDP work with it internally/virtually, it runs but the problem is that it keeps prompting the following error (This is the error that I get when I have the RDP minimized/disconnected when I start the job for the process, but if the RDP is actually open in my PC it’s working smoothly):

It seems like it’s looking for a screen to be able to find the elements, since it has image activities. I need to have the RDP session window open to make it error-free, when the actual intent of my use case is to have it running internally/virtually even if it’s minimized or disconnected from the actual RDP.

Starting the job from a physical hardware (not on RDP) works even if the actual Chrome is minimized, I wanna know why or how is it that this is possible in a physical hardware and not in RDP - it seems like RDP is looking for a physical screen to be able to proceed

So, is it possible to run my process on my RDP without it being actually present/open in my physical hardware?

I’m just looking for second opinions, I don’t want to stop with what I’ve been working on in this use case.

Thank you for reading, please tell me if it wasn’t clear.


Hi @UiP_Mc

Is it a Community Edition or an Enterprise Edition?

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Hi @loginerror, it’s just Community Edition. Is it possible? Or are there any possible solutions available if its on Enterprise Edition?


Hi buddy @UiP_Mc

Buddy this error seems like the body boo is not able to find the element in the RDP session…and as you mentioned that this works fine when you u are running the same bot in your RDP session when your PC is on…

So there must be two reasons for this…one

  1. Either the window might get minimized while running and thus the bot finds difficult to identify the element…so make sure that whenever a open browser or attch browser is used, you have a maximize window activity been used…or better use a get active window activity within which you can use the activities you want to perform…
  2. Or while you are running the bot, being an RDP, make sure that no one logs in while running…and also make sure no prompt messages are getting triggered while the bot is executing…
    Kindly try this and let know whether this works or not buddy
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Hi @Palaniyappan;

  1. I do have a maximize window activity when I open the browser.
    And in this “Active window” activity you’re saying, is it possible to run the process without RDP open? Have you tried this before? Because initially, RDP is not supposed to be open and the process should run smoothly.
  2. No one logs in when I’m running it, so the problem & the solution is at no. 1.

Do help me please and elaborate what are the limitations “active window” activity have and if it’s possible to run my process using this activity even if my RDP is minimized/disconnected.