Remote Desktop

Hi ,

I have requirement, needs to capture the data from (data in grid/table)Web application and enter into another application(have to use Type into activity). both are these two are in remote desktop and my UI Path is also in Remote Desktop.

Problem: if I am maximized RDP window then the solution is not working but if I minimized then its giving error like “desktop has been disconnected while performing UI action”.

is there any way I can get it?


As UiPath inside remote desktop then it should identify all the UiElement with ease .
Do you mind unchecking or removing "RDP" windows attribute from the selector and give a try.
Just an opinion not sure this is the trouble maker. :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks for reply.

I have checked my activities I have not found any such thing in my selector.
my UIPath and application both are inside RDP machihne.
if I minimize the window then that is not working.


Don’t minimize the RDP window. Instead, you can Restore down the window and try to run your workflow.


Don’t get it why you minimizing it. :wink:


if I minimize my agent can work for another process without any issues. And also, he can view whenever he want

Here is the ans. check the post
please try to set RemoteDesktop_SuppressWhenMinimized in the registry:

no luck