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Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software has become an integral part of most business organizations for analyzing , budgeting, or organizing client sales lists.
Having Said that , Most of the Automations require an Interaction to Excel.

:point_right: This video is a Recording of Webinar conducted as Part of Community Initiative of UiPath. If you are an Beginner to Excel Automation and Ready to take up the Automation, Go Ahead and watch the Recording.

The Video is having 2 Parts

:point_right: Part # 1: Explaining all the below activities of excel

Reading excel in UiPath
Excel vs workbook activities
Write data in excel
Insert/delete rows in excel
Insert/delete columns in excel
Copy sheet ā€“ excel
Delete range in excel - UiPath
Copy ā€“ values / formula / formats
Get workbook sheets in excel
Look up range in excel
Append range ā€“ UiPath

:point_right: Part# 2 - Workshop
Practical explanation of Real-Time Scenarios - Attendees can Follow and Build Along. There would be a Sample Excel Provided to follow along with the Presenter.
Refresh multiple pivots in excel
Append data to dynamic range
Split CSV data to multiple excel
Utilize joins in excel

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Playlist for all Excel Project Scenarios Link

Playlist for all Excel Automation Activities and their usage