UiPath Tutorial for Excel | CSV | Workbook | Lookup | Macro | VBA | Pivot | Formula | UiPath | Excel

Examples for all Excel Activities from UiPath Studio.

0:00 Intro
0:41 Chapters
1:20 Excel Application scope and Read and Write Range
3:25 Read, Write and Append CSV
7:20 Workbook Read and Write Range
9:30 Workbook Append Range
10:20 Workbook Read Cell, Formula, Row and Column
13:00 Workbook Write Cell
14:35 Workbook Get Table Range
17:00 Read Cell, Formula, Row and Column and Write Cell
18:25 Get Selected Range, Append Range, Delete Range and Select Range
21:20 Get Workbook Sheet and Get Workbook Sheets
23:10 Get Cell Color and Set Range Color
24:50 Sort DataTable and Get Table Range
26:55 Delete Column from Table
27:30 Insert Column in Table and Filter Table
29:20 Create Table and Pivot Table, also Refresh Pivot Table
32:05 Insert Rows and Columns
33:30 Delete Rows and Columns
33:55 Copy Range and Auto Fill Range
36:25 LookUp Range
39:50 Remove Duplicate Range
41:10 Execute Macro
43:30 Invoke VBA
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