Running processes one after another

Hello everyone. I have 5 processes. Can I somehow unite them so that they work out one after the other, as a whole?

In addition to the option to put one at 11:00, the second at 11:02, etc.

Hi @RPA3,

Assuming you use triggers and say you schedule the 5 processes at
Process 1 : 11:00am
Process 2: 11:02am
Process 3: 11:05am
Process 4: 11:07am
Process 5: 11:09am

Advantage: Every process will wait for the robot to be free and will start whenever the robot has finished with the previous process.

So lets say Process 3 continued working until 12:30pm, Process 4 and Process 5 will adjust to this automatically and wait for the previous one to finish. Process 4 will then start at 12:30pm and Process 5 will wait for its turn.

Hope this helps!