Run multiple process using single robot

Hi Folks,

I have one doubt regarding multiple process run using single robot. So the scenario is- Suppose a process is running, I will resume the process and start another one using the same robot. After completion of the second process , first process will start from where it was resumed.

So is it possible?


We can invoke the workflow within the another workflow. So, instead or resuming the first workflow, invoke the second workflow within the first and then run it. It will run and process both without resuming :slight_smile:

Suppose the first process will run 12 times a day but the second process will run 4 times… then we should not call each time.

So, that is based on a condition @sup_93?

Hi @sup_93

I don’t think you can stop a running process an start it from the place where it stopped again. The best way would be to order the processes that it is executing on a priority basis. So that the highest priority one will get executed first then the second one will start automatically as soon as the first one is over.

However, if there are dependencies in between the two processes, that should be considered as well when ordering…

To handle these scenarios, the best I would suggest is to come up with a controller workflow which can handle this. So that you execute your controller only, and it will take care of the jobs whether to run it or not :slight_smile:

This is something which you can use as a template to build such a controller…

no according to scheduler…

yes… current processes are already running according to the way you said

Ok… so what seems to be the issue here? Bit confused…

Is it that you want to continue the process from where the previous scheduled job completed?

Let’s say you have a process A and it is scheduled to run 12 times a day.

Let’s assume you have a set of tasks that are performed by this process A. Steps are A to Z.

First iteration
Process A completes steps from A to D

Next scheduled run
Process A Starts from E to H

Next run
I to Z

Is it something like this?


You mean, both the process run at the same time? If you are scheduling the tasks, then let it run at whatever time the process scheduled. The bot will be in pending state until the first process completes and then the second process starts


Hi @sup_93, if the amount of times the robot will execute a certain process is depending on some sort of dynamic input, you can use a For Loop and Invoke Workflow activity and work on your process depending on the requirement.

Is it possible to run multiple processes at a same time, if yes then how