Open .bat file from Uipath

How to open .bat file. It is a Java application. I tried using Open Application and Start process, but its not working.

Can anyone help on this?



Did you provide full path of that .bat file or not ?

@MaheshShelke - Use Start Process activity and provide the complete file path. It will run the bat file without any issues.

Hi @MaheshShelke
Do provide full path in FileName in start process


Hope it helps!!

Hi @MaheshShelke I tried to open .bat file with start process it is working.

Hi All,

Thank you for the reply, I tried with Start process, however it will flash on the screen and disappear again but not opening completely

Can anyone help me on this?

In such a scenario a crosscheck is recommended. Open the bat File manually and Check If IT IS working. In Case of the Same behaviour Happens Put a Pause in end of bat file. Maybe some helpfully Error Info can be retrieved.

Once IT IS working try IT again with UiPath ab start Process activity.

Also give a try to Put the path to the bat File within the Arguments sections and configured the filepath to the cmd.exe

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Along with File Name, I have also mentioned the Working Directory with the folder path…and it worked :slight_smile:


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