Open Application question

Hi, When I use open application activity, I expect it to open that particular file content provided in the Argumenta (Properties)

For example, I specify “Project1.mpp” as argument path for" winProject.exe" as FileName (Properties).

“OpenApplication” is opening Project but not Project1.mpp

Any suggestions please.

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More a Case for start process, when the exe hast command Line Arguments Parameter defined for this

Check the below video once

UiPath Open Application | How to Open Desktop Application in UiPath | Use Application Browser UiPath - YouTube

Okay @A_Learner

Kindly share your activity screenshot to first check the way you are passing is all right and to see what’s next can be done please.


Thanks every one. I had to change the file name. It has spaces in it. I changed the name not to have spaces. It is working.

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Cool @A_Learner Mostly the suspect is the same. :innocent::+1: