Start job - robots are not visible

I followed the steps given in the tutorial, the bot is running successfully, but bots are not visible
in the process screen. What could be the reason ?


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Hi @skini76,

Can you make sure that the robot that you are using is mapped with the same environment and
also in the image i see that your robot is disconnected ,make it connected by using the steps

while creating the robot make sure the system name is given correctly and also your credentials and specially domain (like IN\Username)
use the robot key in settings tab of UiRobot that is present in the robot
then use the orchestrator Url in the settings tab of UiRobot
make the robot connected then process will get reflected accordingly

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Go to robot tab, click on view environment ,Search your process, click on manage robots, than select the bot you want to select.
Hope it will help.


from where can I find the robot key


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When you create Robot in orchestrator u will get the robot key. Try deleting the robot and creating the same again it might work.

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If you are using the new version you have to Provision a Machine in Orchestrator

then assign your robot to the machine. Then you Robot key will be automatically generated and can use is in windows for your Robot to connect with Orchestrator. In Orchestrator inside Machine click View to get your robot Key.

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Create a environmment and map the robot in manage environment. the you can find list of robots in jobs.


hi, I have the same robot is connected, and robot use the Demo Environment.

Can you please elaborate the problem

Thank you @lakshmisupriyask, this helped!

Hi All,

Can someone please help me. I have connected the robot to orchestrator, defined the environment for the robot. I still dont see the robots name when trying to run a job. How can it be fixed ?

Your process and the robot should be in same environment

Same Problem,

My Robot it is not connected even though I did on the Robot.

Does anyone knows the problem?

Thank you!!

as i can see in your screenshot the machine should be reconfigured as
Machine name:Hostname of your studio machine… just copy paste whatever is reflecting in uipath robot tray.
robot username:credential which can be used to login to the machine(if you want to use your id , use cmd>whoami and use theresult( fullname with domain)),paasword:pwd related to username defined.

Hi Sourav,

Thanks for the reply, Yes both of the My robot & Process are in same environment.

Please find the screenshots,

Can some one please help me on this? My Process is also tagged to same environment.

Please use an Unattended robot instead of Studio


Thank you so much! that did work :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. But i am not able to select the unattended. If i select unattended and save then i am getting “No available licenses” I am trying to execute in the community edition