Robot Not Visible To Start Job In Orchestrator

Hi ,
I have uploaded package from my local machine in to orchestrator and trying to run the job , but it is not showing the bot.
can anyone help me where i went wrong ?


On that environment, do you have defined a robot?

Yes , i have created environment & linked the robot

And what status does the robot has?

Hi @RobertD

i have a studio in my local system and i have published a bot.
and i uploaded published package in to orchestrator by creating environment, process and now while running job it is not showing the bot.

can you tell me how to connect my local machine to orchestrator.


In the Computer Tray there is Robot Icon just Right Click and Open the Settings → Paste the Orchestrator URL → Copy the Machine Name and Key from the Robot Tray and Paste it to the Orchestrator

hi @AnandKumar26,

it is throwing below error

@AnandKumar26 are you currently running UiStudio? That might be why the robot is unavailable.
@jagadeesh9 could you please check if your being blocked by firewall?

No the issue is not for me, I was explaining and just shared the screen how to connect it to Orchestrator with Studio Machine

please use unattended bot to run from orchestrator. You would have created an attended or dev bot which will not get listed while trying to run via orchestrator.


Thank you, It helped. :slight_smile:

Just to check are you using unattended bot in Orchestra with Community Edition license?

Yes, in my personal laptop.

Thank you. It resolved the issue.

thank you :hugs:

Is this new / a recent change?

I am using community edition; had a robot provisioned with studio license and until recently (in March it was still possible) you could start jobs with it. Now indeed the robot does not show in the list of available robots. If I switch to ‘testing’ or ‘unattended’ robot (for which you get 1 license), it is possible again. But you need to provision your licenses then as well.

Is this a bug that it is not possible to push jobs to studio robot, or a feature? :slight_smile:

In a development environment you would like that your studio license is the full service; so also start jobs from Orchestrator with it.

i am facing same issue please guide. I tried but didnt work. No robot showing.
My robot is Studio type and tagged to dev environment too

I could only make work using an unattended robot. It shows that I have studio and attended robots, but if I select then it does not show.


Did it work for you ? I am also facing same issue. Have chosen testing environment and then it works.