Unable to see robots in creating job

Hi Team,

Am not able to see the robot names while creating the JOB in orchestrator. Please let me know what is the issue in it.

Thanks in advance.

Add a Process and bind it with Environment. Once this is done, Jobs will show Robot Names

Hi @sushmithaelluru

Bind the Robot with Enviroment.
Just like this

Hope it helps.


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I created a process and binded it with environment. But getting the same ,not able to see the robot names.

And the robot page is ,

Did you connect the bot with orchestrator using Machine Key?

Sorry @anmolk171, didn’t understand what you have asked, can you explain in detail.

hi @sushmithaelluru,

  1. Copy this key from MACHINES

2Paste the key in Robot Tray(Open Robot Tray-> CLick on Setting)

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