Start Job before Pending Jobs

Hello Guys.
While using a Start Job Activity, is there a way to insert that Job right after this current one ends running?
Assuming there are pending jobs waiting. So basically, the declared job to start will run first(prioritized) before those in pending.

Please let me know if I am not clear.

Thank you.

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You can set priority for every job, if there are no other set to “high” it is enough to set this one to “high”.
Pro-tipp: I always set dispatcher processes as “high”.

Hi @moenk thanks for ur response. However, I believe we cannot set priority in Start Job Activity in UIPath Studio. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am still learning. Thank you!

Maybe I did not understand you correctly, you dont start processes from Orchestrator? The Studio ist just for development.

Oh I mean in the main process itself, I used a Start Job Activity because I need to start a process after the main process ends. The called process goes on the Job in orchestrator but it will go after all existing pending jobs. What I need is to make it run first. So right after the main process ends, the called process should run leaving the pending ones behind.

I dont know how to set priority on starting jobs using API or the activity, but you could create a queue, add an item there, and trigger the process with that and high prority.

hi @moenk I got it already. Thank you so much for your time. But if my solution is what you meant on your first response, sorry I did not get that right away hehe. Thank you!

To those who are following this thread:
Just set default priority of the called process to High in Process level coz whenever it is triggered in a Start Job activity, it will automatically inherit priority of the process.

By the way, I think this is only applicable in the updated version of Orchestrator.