Schedule Job immediately after another Job

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This might be a bit of a Rookie question, but is it possible in orchestrator to schedule a job immeadiatly after another job has completed?

I have Job A that I dont know how much time it will take to process, since its queue might have a varying number of items per day. Right after Job A I want Job B to run.

What is the best way to achieve this?
The only way I found is to schedule Job b 5min after job A has started so that job B will be pending.

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The best way is to include START JOB activity atlast in the sequence of activities in JobA process
So that once the process A gets completed the next one process B will start to execute
So we don’t need to use schedule in specific for this kind of cases
For more details on how to use start job activity here you go

Or if you would like to schedule with orchestrator then no worries
Schedule those two bots one after the another like if the first job is scheduled at 11:30 am then schedule the second bot around 11:31 am in the same robot
The reason is when the first process is triggered at its scheduled time and if the second job also gets triggered even though the first one is running still, then the job B and it’s robot status will be in PENDING
The moment when the job A is over the next one will continue so the job status will
Change from PENDING to RUNNING

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
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Yes, You can put them 1 minute after the other and when it’s finish automatically will start the next pending task. Like:
Schedule 1: 5:30 AM
Schedule 2: 5:31 AM

Let’s say Schedule 1 takes 1 hour to complete, that means it past Schedule 2. Uipath stacks the pendings and even if it past days it will run when the robot gets available.

Yeah, I think this is what I want, the start job activity might be the best option, because sometimes I want to change the shceduling of Job A, and dont want to change the scheduling of Job B or Job C.

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