Help: How to running a process with a high priority and put another process in stand by in the same time with the same robot

I have a process that need to start over another running process and a single robot that does all the processes. I need to make this process starts indifferently if a process is in running already, to put this process on stand by, running my process and after it ends, the other one process to continue where it left off.

I tried with the high priority status on process and with the option “automatically trigger the process” activated.
I tried with the trigger by item in queue.

Nothing is working :confused: my process still waits until the actual running process ends. Can anyone help me with that?

Thank you in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @CristinaAlina

You can leverage the Execution Priority of Jobs or Triggers to achieve this.
Read more here (Please refer to Execution Priority section):

Can you share what priorities your two jobs have?

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You need to break your first process into sub processes like task of your first process is to stop after starting 2nd process. Then after starting 2nd process completes you can start the 1st process again from that point by maintaining any flag key in the configuration setting just to start the bot on the point where it stops.

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My process is high, and the rest of them are medium :frowning:

@CristinaAlina May I ask if the processes are independent ? Also are both the processes having a dependency on the UI ?

Yes, there are independent. But it’s not about of 2 processes, there are much more. And they don’t have a dependency on the UI.

I found a long term solution, I rescheduled the other processes on another period of time, and let my process to be active in a specific time slot.
If anyone have another ideas for this one for future situations, please let me know :slight_smile: .
Thank you for support!

@CristinaAlina If they are not dependent on the UI or does not contain any UI Activities, You can configure both the processes as Background. This should enable you to execute the processes at the same time or at the time you prefer, without a waiting period for the Previous execution to be finished, as multiple background processes can be executed at the same time.

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